Monday, 13 June 2016



Recent stormy weather in Sydney highlighted the plastic pollution problem throughout Sydney harbour as the foreshores were inundated with plastics of all kinds in great quantities.  The world celebrated Ocean Day at this time as researchers predict by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.  Research also indicates our lack of positive response to environment threats is due to how the messages are received and we turn away from adversity.  Here at PHBC we have begun a positive response through imagination by groups of people acting and telling their stories of environmental engagement. 

‘Pirates of Plastic’ an initiative of this club use boats to engage people in helping the environment by picking up plastic from our harbour waterways.  A losing battle indeed but from little things big things grow.  Deep inside Gaia stirs a force that will inform us and we are listening.  We are moved to action by Aegir and powerful stories of how to overcome the threats to our world.

Pirates of Plastic are responding to messages from Gaia and Aegir through cultural adventures with the environment while we build awareness and solutions to overcome this huge threat to mother earth Gaia.  The Pirates of Plastic with Aegirs Fleet have a charity fund for the environment to help achieve a difference for the oceans through development of local imaginative community collaborations.

Come and join the Pirates of Plastic located at Sydney Fish Markets every Sunday.  The pirates use ingenuity with people, boats and environment to make a difference in many surprising ways.
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CONTACT:  Pirate Mike : 0419 433 761

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