Monday, 13 June 2016



Recent stormy weather in Sydney highlighted the plastic pollution problem throughout Sydney harbour as the foreshores were inundated with plastics of all kinds in great quantities.  The world celebrated Ocean Day at this time as researchers predict by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.  Research also indicates our lack of positive response to environment threats is due to how the messages are received and we turn away from adversity.  Here at PHBC we have begun a positive response through imagination by groups of people acting and telling their stories of environmental engagement. 

‘Pirates of Plastic’ an initiative of this club use boats to engage people in helping the environment by picking up plastic from our harbour waterways.  A losing battle indeed but from little things big things grow.  Deep inside Gaia stirs a force that will inform us and we are listening.  We are moved to action by Aegir and powerful stories of how to overcome the threats to our world.

Pirates of Plastic are responding to messages from Gaia and Aegir through cultural adventures with the environment while we build awareness and solutions to overcome this huge threat to mother earth Gaia.  The Pirates of Plastic with Aegirs Fleet have a charity fund for the environment to help achieve a difference for the oceans through development of local imaginative community collaborations.

Come and join the Pirates of Plastic located at Sydney Fish Markets every Sunday.  The pirates use ingenuity with people, boats and environment to make a difference in many surprising ways.
GIVE NOW looks after our donations: 


CONTACT:  Pirate Mike : 0419 433 761

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Big thanks to Sydney Fish Market for allowing Viking ship 'Aegir' to berth for a month.  PHBC restoration of 'Aegir' a 23m replica 800AD Gokstadt Viking Longship was able to continue. We are looking for a permanent berth in Sydney harbour to complete the project.  Thanks also to Capt. Colin and crew of FV Kingfisher of  Deep Sea Charters for the movement.

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Hello again from Lake MacQuarie Boat festival which was a weekend away from Sydney rain.  We enjoyed perfect boating weather for members and guests who travelled to Toronto on the western shores of that beautiful lake, being one of the largest coastal lakes in Australia.  Each year the club makes the small journey north in March to enjoy the lakes beauty and hospitality.

Saturday, 27 February 2016


Ribbing was the name of the game these past few months.  Big laminated ribs for the lapstrake hull of our Viking ship 'Aegir" a replica 800AD Gokstadt type original in the Oslo Viking Museum.  Small solid spotted gum ribs for the carvel hull of 'Cats Paw" an original Sydney 1930's sailing dinghy depicted last month.
Two other sailing boats of Sydney harbour heritage are having final coates of varnish in their retoration process.  A 1950's 16 foot skiff of laminated cedar and a 1970's cedar plywood NS14.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Welcome to the new year and thanks to all our volunteers, members, committee, sponsors and supporters in the community for making a great first 10 years for the club.

What have we achieved and where are we going??

As usual we continue to practice our Principal Purpose: 

Conserving Movable Cultural Heritage, community arts and craft relating to maritime heritage.

An example is 'CATS PAW' not seen on these pages before.

CATS PAW is a classic sailing dinghy of Sydney circa 1930s.  We are in touch with the owner who donated it some years ago and who will give us the full history of this beautiful boat. 

Now in frames being restored to former glory by Master Artisans associated with PHBC

The sailing dinghy in the background is another 1930 Australian design and we will bring you that interesting story soon.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club environmental warriors the Pirates of Plastic continue every week to pick up plastic from our waterways.  A regular route has become known as the Bays Precinct, west of Pyrmont extending to Annandale.  Pictured below are the Pirates at Johnstone Bay Pyrmont at the end of Harris Street.

The pirates pick up plastic from the water because it is one of the ten best things we can do for our environment.  They learn and practice boat handling skills and then sail home to Blackwattle Bay where they deposit  their plastic bounty for the Maritime Enviro Services to collect.