Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Splendid Gathering

Extracts from THE SYDNEY MAIL 
regarding the Pyrmont Regatta held on December 26, 1880.

December 25, 1880:
The day fixed for the Pyrmont Regatta is not well chosen, for the twofold reason that the Christmas season is the yachtsman's holiday, when they snug down their clippers, make up a jovial party, and pass the season on the picturesque waters of the Hawkesbury River and Broken Bay.

January 1, 1881:
Aquatic sports at Pyrmont have undergone a most successful revival, to judge by the splendid gathering that took place on Monday. The affair very much eclipsed the expectations of those who initiated it and altogether the regatta was one of an exceedingly high character.

January 15, 1881:
A well attended meeting of the Pyrmont Regatta committee took place on Tuesday night at the Collins' Caledonian Hotel, Pyrmont. The object of the meeting was the presentation of the prizes and trophies to the successful competitors at the Pyrmont regatta which took place on Boxing Day.

The Pyrmont Regatta Cup is inscribed -
Boxing Day 1880 Winner: X.L.C.R.

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